The Keys to Getting Control of Your Health Plan

Value-Based Primary Care

Achieve better care options and lower costs.

Medical & Rx Markets

Know up-front, fully transparent provider pricing.

Cost & Quality Tools

Help plan members make better buying decisions.

Concierge-Style Service

Make life easier for your covered plan members.

Customized Benefit Plan

Design your benefits plan to meet your specific needs.

Choose a Better TPA

An independent TPA is your final key to success.

The Right Plan Provides Everything You Needwith the options and flexibility you deserve.

24/7 Access to Benefits

Online portal to help you find a doctor, view claims history, chat with a J.P. Farley representative & more

Wellness Programs

Health risk assessments, fitness coaching, online tools, prevention and education

Patient Advocacy

Diagnosis and treatment support, billing support and out-of-pocket collections assistance

Innovative Plan Design

We help you develop a customized health plan that meets the needs of your employees

ACA Compliance Services

Full compliance review including Affordable Care Act, COBRA/HIPPA, Notice Compliance & more

Reporting & Data Access

Comprehensive reporting and data that identifies specific areas of high risk within your organization

Engagement Tools

Customizable engagement tools including online resources, wellness initiatives, and much more

Prescription Plans

Assistance with managing pharmacy benefits including full prescription reviews

Cost Management

Don’t let insurance companies limit your opportunity for savings – choose a better plan and pocket plan savings

It's Time for a Better Health Plan.