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Brokers & Consultantshelping brokers & consultants design strategic health benefit plans

Like fine art, framing the most attractive employee benefits package calls for customization, creativity and choice. J.P. Farley’s team is here to help you and your clients obtain the very best in benefit solutions.

Designing a Better Health Plan

At J.P. Farley we are proud to:

  • Work with Brokers & Consultants to design a strategic plan for employer groups
  • Develop long-term benefit solutions for our clients with the help of their trusted advisors
  • Provide professional administration, cost savings and exceptional service for your clients
  • Offer unique solutions that help you stand out in a crowded marketplace
  • Work collaboratively to address client needs and offer innovative solutions

For decades, J.P. Farley Corporation has partnered with the broker/consultant community to deliver added value for health plans by helping employers self-fund their health benefits, including medical, prescription drug, dental, vision and both short and long-term disability.

Health Statement Questionnaire

Choose a TPA

Independent TPAs are entrepreneurial organizations, nimble enough to take advantage of new opportunities that our ever-changing marketplace presents. Self-funding will enable your organization to benefit from these opportunities.

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