Health Care is Changing. You Need a Better TPA.we have the keys to help you get control of your health plan

Many agents and consultants will tell you that all health plan administrators are alike – if you’ve seen one third party administrator (TPA), you’ve seen them all. In today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment, nothing could be further from the truth!

Being an independent TPA means we don’t have to settle for traditional insurance markets, provider networks and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs). By constantly asking questions and challenging the status quo, JP Farley helps self-funded employer groups control costs and increase employee satisfaction by pursuing these new strategies and more…

Value-Based Primary Care

By working to promote a transition from traditional fee-for-service primary care to a model that encourages a better experience, J.P. Farley is achieving better health outcomes and significantly lower costs for plan members.

Transparent Medical Markets

J.P. Farley encourages the use of health care providers willing to provide up-front, fully transparent pricing in exchange for efficient payment and elimination of red tape. The savings accrues to your plan and your members.

Transparent Pharmacy Benefits

By accessing data from pharmacy claims, only available in a self-funded environment, J.P. Farley sorts through this confusing data to provide plan members with information they can use to make better buying decisions.

Concierge-Style Customer Service

When value-based reimbursement is in place, members have one source they can count on to help them navigate the heath care system. Members get engaged and appreciate the opportunity to save both time and money.

ERISA Plan Checklist

In a self-funded environment, the plan document defines benefits and how claims must be paid. Decades of experience in ERISA plan administration is the reason why employers count on J.P. Farley to help them execute their fiduciary duties.

Self-Funding Works!

You can have a health plan that fits your workforce, offers better benefits and creates savings.

Today’s business challenges include unique obstacles that make it increasingly difficult for employers to provide a competitive employee benefit package.

James Farley
Founder, J.P. Farley Corporation

Choose J.P. Farley as Your Third Party Administrator

Independent TPAs like J.P. Farley are entrepreneurial organizations, nimble enough to take advantage of new opportunities that our ever-changing marketplace presents. Self-funding with J.P. Farley Corporation will enable your organization to benefit from these opportunities. Independence – the key to success in self-sunding.