Employer Services24/7 access to mybenefits plan management gateway

The Employer Terminal provides a single, comprehensive online source for managing information about your plan population, exposing detailed census and claims statistics that can be spliced and analyzed as necessary.

Encourage Your Employees to Use the MyBenefits Portal

Registration for employees and dependents is easy and they’ll find 24/7 access to tools designed just for them! Registered users can also earn badges just by accessing their information online!

Need a better health plan?

Health benefit plans are changing at a rapid pace – which can be very difficult to follow.

At J.P. Farley, we do the work for you – offering customized health benefit plans that meet the needs of your employees. Our plans provide everything you need plus the cost savings and flexibility you deserve.

Video Library

Self-Funding Works

This brief video emphasizes the advantages of a self insured health plans. You will gain an understanding of why and how self-funding works and the difference between a traditional fully-insured plan versus a self-funded benefit plan.

Advantages of Reference Based Pricing

This brief video explains how a growing number of self-funded health plans are using Reference Based (or Cost Plus) Pricing to cooperate with area hospitals to agree on a pre-determined margin, thereby eliminating PPO networks.