Health Plan Renewals: Old Style vs. New Style

The health care benefit world has lived for the past 50 years on the comparative spreadsheet. Every plan and advisor presents and analyzes based on that simple tool.
The result over the past 50 years has been increase after increase, year after year. Not exactly a ringing endorsement of the effectiveness of the methodology.

The comparative spreadsheet has enabled suspension of critical thinking in the evaluation process. That stems from the fact that a few fixed factors determined by vendors utilized by the health plan are analyzed. Plans consider levels of discounts but not levels of charges and guarantees but not actual levels of performance. Many advisors using these spreadsheets are paid based on a percentage or portion of the plan’s total cost have made attractive incomes that increase annually.

There are multiple factors involved in health benefit plans that buyers agree do not make sense. However, the norm is to revert to the same method of analysis each and every year. Organizations who achieve different results, use different methods. They change the game. They are available to all but they require change.

Are you ready to discover how we can help you and your advisor change the game for your health plan?

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