HIPAA: Privacy & Security

HIPAA, which stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, is a set of Federal Regulations originally passed in 1996.

There are two key components to HIPAA: Privacy and Security. HIPAA Security Regulations are designed to ensure personally identified information is handled appropriately through secure access to electronic data handling.

HIPAA Privacy is about protecting the confidential nature of an individual’s health information. It is as simple as that.

Privacy and confidentiality are long standing principals in the way we, at The J.P. Farley Corporation, have conducted business over the years. The federal government’s published rules and standards were designed for everyone in the health care industry to follow and to ensure uniformity regarding the Privacy of each individual’s health information.

The Privacy Regulation protects health information relating to the past, present or future physical or mental health of an individual. Any health information that can be directly linked or associated with an individual is referred to as “Protected Health Information” or PHI for short. Protected Health Information can be in written, electronic or oral form. For more information, please visit the United States Department of Health & Human Services Website.

> Managing Your Private Health Information
> Read HIPAA Privacy Statement

NOTE: All HIPAA forms should be downloaded, completed and mailed to J.P. Farley. All requests must have a signature and be sent to the address below. Requests will not be accepted if sent via email. When your request is received, the necessary steps will be taken by J.P. Farley Corporation’s staff to send you the information in a reasonable time frame.

You may also send your request in writing, in your own format, instead of using our Privacy & Confidentiality and HIPAA Forms, but the request MUST INCLUDE: your name, your birth date, the policy number under which you are covered, the group number under which you are covered, your social security number, the information you would like to access and the dates of the information you would like to see (if applicable). Again, please note that The J.P. Farley Corporation will not be able to process a request that does not include all the necessary information and you will NOT BE NOTIFIED if this situation arises.

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