Patient Advocacydelivering better assistance to you and your dependents

Your time and money are valuable. Our services are here to assist you in understanding your benefits and dealing with benefit and billing related issues so you can focus on what matters most.

When you become a patient, J.P. Farley Corporation’s Patient Advocacy Team is here to lend support during an often overwhelming claims and billing process.

We assist you with understanding your benefits, rights and responsibilities and help you to make sure you never pay more than what is appropriate for care.

  • Helping You Understand Your Health Plan
  • Protecting You from Balance Billing
  • Providing for Your Well-Being

Billing and out-of-pocket collections assistance means we help with favorable payment arrangements, protect against aggressive medical bill collectors and provide participant support to advocate for the participant’s patient rights should aggressive or improper collection attempts begin.

The Patient Advocacy Process

Compare Bill & EOB

Compare your explanation of benefits from J.P. Farley with your medical bill. Do the bill & EOB match?

Bill Higher Than Your EOB?

If the balance due on the bill from the doctor is more than the explanation of benefits states you owe.

Contact J.P. Farley

Discuss and review your bill with a J.P. Farley Patient Advocate. Step-by-step instructions will be provided to assist you, if necessary.

Legal Protection Is Available

Should an aggressive biller send your bill to a collection agency, you are protected.

Frequently Asked Questions About Patient Advocacy

Your health plan’s plan documentation and summary of benefits provides information regarding your benefits. You can receive a copy of this information from your plan sponsor or when you login to our website. Our Customer Service Representatives and Patient Advocates can also answer additional questions you may have about specific benefits and coverage.

Show your provider your plan ID Card. The card has the instructions your provider needs to submit a claim to your health plan for payment and find out more information about the specific benefits your plan covers.

If there is confusion about your health care coverage, please explain to your provider you are enrolled in a self-funded health plan and your health plan’s administrator is The J.P. Farley Corporation. All claims must be submitted to J.P. Farley for payment.

If a provider asks you to pay money other than your plan co-pay upfront, ask them to call J.P. Farley at 800-634-0173 for assistance.

Know What to Expect:
Most providers utilize an outside billing company. Therefore, unless you are asked specifically about your health care coverage, you should only need to present your card at the time of service.

Normal co-pays, coinsurance, and deductible payments are part of a participant’s responsibility. However, patients should have the peace of mind knowing they have support when it comes to unfair billing and out-of-pocket charges. This includes support with providers asking a participant to pay more than what is accepted from most of our advocacy program and support to assist participants in preventing aggressive collector’s harassment and potential overpayment.

Need Help?Call 800-634-0173 and ask to speak with a Patient Advocate.