Reporting Services

The keys to controlling costs and improving the health of a covered group lie in putting information to work – information on plan costs and the types of medical services your members are utilizing. To help clients take advantage of information only available in a self-funded environment, J.P. Farley provides every self-funded group with a number of standard reports on claims, claim funds and plan utilization.

You Can Only Manage What You Measure

Additional customized reporting is also available to develop a more accurate profile of your employee population, help identify claim patterns that may be driving cost increases and more.

After decades of experience in health plan administration, we know that the only way to control costs is to lower plan utilization and improve employee well-being. This can only be achieved when everyone has the information needed to make more informed health care decisions.

Accessing Information is Easy

As a client of J.P. Farley Corporation, authorized individuals will have access to monthly reports through a secure online client portal. If you prefer, J.P. Farley can download your reports and send them to you each month.

Ready to Make More Informed Decisions?

With timely reporting, J.P. Farley will help your organization better manage the risks and future costs of healthcare. Learn more today.