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Questions to Ask your Doctor about Medical Tests

This third installment from our “It’s Better to Ask” series includes questions to ask your doctor about medical tests. These questions are designed to help you feel comfortable with the tests your doctor is recommending and allow you to examine any alternatives, cost considerations and anticipated results you may need to consider.

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14 Things to Know About Your Medications

This second installment from our It’s Better to Ask series includes 14 things to know about your medications. It is very important to take your medications as your doctor has recommended. Missing doses or stopping your medications for a period of time can cause potentially serious effects on your health.

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Questions to Ask Your Doctor Before Starting an Exercise Program

This first installment from our “It’s Better to Ask” series contains 10 questions to ask your doctor before starting an exercise program so that your physician can evaluate and make any modifications to help you be successful and reach your fitness goals!

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10 Must-Ask Questions Before Renewing

This FREE download contains 10 questions Plan Sponsors should ask of your potential carrier or administrator prior to signing off on your renewal, that, in the end, will save the most money and help you achieve your health plan objectives.

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Risk Management Guidelines

The existence of unmanageable risk in a health plan exists more in perception than it does in reality. This FREE download contains the elements of risk and how these can impact your decision-making when it comes to healthcare plans.

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Need a better health plan?

Health benefit plans are changing at a rapid pace – which can be very difficult to follow.

At J.P. Farley, we do the work for you – offering customized health benefit plans that meet the needs of your employees. Our plans provide everything you need plus the cost savings and flexibility you deserve.