Consumer Rights & Responsibilities

As an employee plan member you are entitled to certain Consumer Rights and Responsibilities.

The J.P. Farley Corporation and Connected Care Services are committed to helping plan members actively participate in their own health care. Our administrative services, care and utilization management programs are designed to support quality health care for participants and their families through their employer sponsored health plans. Please remember:

  • As a plan member you have the right to receive information about the administration of your health plan.
  • Confidentiality of Personal Health Information is of utmost importance. We follow HIPAA Privacy & Security rules as well as other measures to protect the PHI of plan participants.
  • Information provided to plan members include information based on clinical guidelines, organizational research & publications and government guidelines and publications. Clinical guidelines are utilized in the determination of authorization.
  • Please note: Precertification does not guarantee payment. All plan payments are subject to the claim processors determination of eligibility and coverage at the time the services are rendered as well as all applicable plan provisions, including network participation, reasonable and customary and plan exclusions.
  • Should you feel the need to appeal the decision of your health plan, please refer to your Plan Document for specific information about your plan’s Appeals Process.