Self Insured Health Plans Cleveland Ohio

Self Insured Health Plans Cleveland Ohio

Why Your Company Should Consider Self Insured Health Plans In Cleveland Ohio

Almost all employers that provide group health benefit programs are looking for ways to minimize the spending of their company. There are a lot of ways to lower the spending on health insurance that is somehow familiar, such as changing insurance companies, modifying plan designs and moving more expenses to the staffs. What a lot of employers don’t put into consideration is switching from providing insured health plans to self insured health plans in Cleveland Ohio.

The market is changing rapidly. Due to the effect of the ever-escalating costs and Accountable Care Act, self-insurance which was considered a funding means available to only large companies is now becoming a viable option for companies with as little as 20 staffs or less.

How Self Insured Health Plans in Cleveland Ohio Works

As the name suggests, in self-insured plans, also known as self-funded health plans, the employer bears the direct financial responsibility for the health cost of their employee. Instead of being dragged into a more risky pool, self-insurance employers bears all the risk for their employee group. The structure of these contracts can be customized in some way. For instance, the entire health plan might be self-funded, or you can purchase a contract over certain kinds of claims. A lot of self-insured employers opt-in for stop-loss insurance to cover for catastrophic claims, capping their exposure to financial risk.

self insured health plans in Cleveland Ohio are exempted from some state mandates and insurance laws, and not regularly paying premiums to insurance companies can greatly increase your savings. Employers only get to pay for claims that actually happen, not claims forecasted by an insurance company.

Despite all these benefits, a lot of employers, especially the ones with a few employees, seem to avoid self-insurance; they say it is too risky. According to a survey, among employers that have two hundred or more staff, 82% of the staffs are self-insured. While only 13% of employees in companies with less than 199 employees are self-insured.

What Employees Need to Know Before They Begin a Self-Insured Plan

Self-insurance is sometimes not the best approach for every employer. Some firms will benefit from such plans, while some will not. Employers need to consider that:

    Self-insurance can give you more control over your health design. You can customize your coverage since you are not buying a product that is pre-packed. Self insured health plans in Cleveland Ohio are not bound by state coverage requirements and insurance laws.
    Self-insured companies pay health claims as they happen, instead of paying monthly premiums irrespective of actual claim activates. This can be of great benefit, especially when health claims are minimal. However, the reverse is true as well, as you have to pay for larger claims as they come in. Nevertheless, this exposure can be limited with stop-loss insurance, and there are other means of minimizing payments such as level funding.
    When you pay premiums to insurance companies, you are not just only paying for claims. The premium puts into account the overhead costs of the insurer, such as advertising, legal, technology, etc. self insured health plans in Cleveland Ohio employees do not have to pay these hidden charges, but they incur other expenses such as premium stop-loss insurance and third-party administration of claims.


Self Insured Health Plans Cleveland Ohio

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