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Build your business on benefits that inspire confidence and empower change when you partner with J.P. Farley.

Transforming the Benefit Consultant & Client Relationship

Bring big changes to your client relationships with responsive, reliable employee benefits administration. Enjoy inovative and creative partnerships with our customizable health plan delivery.

We want to empower you as a consultant or broker to create long-lasting, confident and results-driven relationships.

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Expand your role as a consultant. With a benefit administration platform that exceeds industry standards, you’ll facilitate meaningful connectivity between plan sponsors, providers and participants and deliver a self-funded health plan with proactive strategic power.

  • Meaningful predictive models
  • Every data point at your fingertips
  • Intuitive, cloud-based user portals
  • Fast & accurate claims processing


Show your clients the true value of the programs you can deliver. Full-disclosure, transparent program costs let your clients see the real cost of their plans, while transparent claims data and powerful reporting empower you to deliver real-time plan optimization.

  • No undisclosed add-ons
  • No hidden fees
  • Leading-edge reporting
  • Minimize cost & maximize coverage


Humanizing healthcare means we’re making the experience of selling, offering and using benefits easier all the way around. For decades, we’ve committed ourselves to strong industry partnerships, innovative plan designs and initiative-driven customer service.

  • Sales simplicity
  • Member satisfaction
  • Client longevity
  • Superior service and superior tech

Experience A TPA Partner That Shares Your Goals. Learn More About How to Partner With J.P. Farley.

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From One of Our Partners


“I promote J.P. Farley’s claim system as an advantage to my clients because it is a true cloud-based claim system, providing immediate, cutting edge capabilities to health plans. The old systems other third-party administrators use face the need for conversion and the struggles that accompany that transition. J.P. Farley has moved well beyond a system conversion and harnessed its capabilities to serve my clients and I with innovation, data accessibility and advanced levels of service.”

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Mike Kerns

J.P. Farley Benefit Consultant

Experience A TPA Partner That Shares Your Goals. Learn More About How to Partner With J.P. Farley