Cost & Quality Guidance

Members can now call J.P. Farley’s advocates to obtain both cost and quality information.

This service provides much more extensive assistance than required under the federal guidelines in both the number of services we will obtain pricing for as well as quality data, when applicable.

Call 800-634-0173 and select option 3 for Cost & Quality Guidance.

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We’re Putting the Power Back in Your Plans

Employer-sponsored health plans stopped meeting employer needs a long time ago. With support from an independent TPA, you can build a health plan that matches your business goals, your population needs, and your personal values.

Take Your Healthcare Spend from Unpredictable Expense to Strategic Investment with Self-Funding

A fully-insured, traditional health plan is often the familiar option but not necessarily the right one for you. Unpredictable renewal rates, lack of consumer control and unreliable customer support could leave you wondering if the hassle is really worth it.

Imagine a Health Plan that’s “Worth It” – With Benefits that Make Sense for Your Population

Self-funding empowers employers to deliver better benefits while strategizing your spend. The results? Long-term savings and efficiency that supports the success of your entire business.

8 Employer Commitments For Health Plan Success 8 Employer Commitments For Health Plan Success

We’ve written these commitments to showcase what we know about what it takes to make a health plan successful. Just submit your email and your download will begin!

Health Plan Administration Made Simple

Already a partner with J.P. Farley? We have everything you need for running your self-funded health plan smoothly and successfully. Find what you need, fast, with your custom portal and our online employer resources.

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