Prescription Networks are designed to provide members with access to Retail and Mail Order Discounts arrangements. By selecting a prescription network, your employer/plan sponsor is providing you with valuable and cost saving benefits.

Plan participants should refer to your current ID Card to select the appropriate Rx network for your plan or login to access information specific to your plan.

How to Get the Best Price For Prescriptions


Some pharmacies are less expensive! Always research your options prior to purchase to locate the best price and location for your budget.

Choose Generic

Choose generic versions when possible to save money! These typically cost much less at retail pharmacies.

Shop Retail

Retail pharmacies are often your best option for one-time or 30-day medication supplies.

Look for Discounts

For maintenance (long-term and daily) medications, ask your physician for 90-day prescriptions. There are often discounts for higher-volume orders.

Mail Order

If you must order a brand-name drug, these can usually be found at a discount through mail order options.

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