Cost & Quality Guidance

Members can now call J.P. Farley’s advocates to obtain both cost and quality information.

This service provides much more extensive assistance than required under the federal guidelines in both the number of services we will obtain pricing for as well as quality data, when applicable.

Call 800-634-0173 and select option 3 for Cost & Quality Guidance.

Access MRFs


J.P. Farley has worked closely with your plan sponsor to ensure access to a quality network(s) for you and your family.

Plan members should refer to your current ID card to select the appropriate Provider Network for your plan. Click on the PPO Network below to enter the PPO’s website or login to your health plan to find information specific to your plan or to access a temporary ID card if you do not have one. Additional provider arrangements are available.


National Networks

Cigna Network

  • for registered members or When searching for a provider select the “PPO/Choice Fund PPO” network.
  • Enrolled members can create a Cigna User ID & Password to access additional tools.

First Health Network(s)

  • First Health Network (prompts followed based on the logo on your ID Card) Identify the logo on your ID card to define your network search when prompted.
  • Cofinity (follow prompts)

MultiPlan Network(s)


Additional Provider Links



Local/Regional Networks



Where to Go For Care


  • Non-urgent health concerns
  • After-hours care
  • Examples include:
    • skin issues/rashes
    • earaches
    • fever
    • cold/flu symptoms
    • sore throat

physician office

  • Scheduled care
  • Traditional office hours
  • Non-Urgent, routine, follow-up and/or preventative care

retail clinic

  • Unscheduled care which requires attention and cannot wait for an appointment with your physician
  • Extended and/or retail hours
  • Examples include:
    • skin issues/rashes
    • earaches
    • fever
    • cold/flu symptoms
    • sore throat

urgent care

  • Unscheduled care which requires prompt attention and can’t wait for an appointment with your doctor
  • Extended and /or non-traditional hours
  • Examples include:
    • sprain
    • infections
    • skin issues/rashes
    • earaches
    • fever
    • flu

emergency room

  • Unscheduled care requiring immediate attention
  • Conditions that, if left untreated, may be life threatening
  • Examples include:
    • 911 EMERGENCY
    • chest pain
    • major injuries
    • coughing up blood trouble breathing
    • sudden change in mental status, alertness, confusion
    • sudden change in mental status, alertness, confusion
    • poisoning
    • suicidal/homicidal thoughts

Note to Plan Sponsors

Other networks are available to serve the needs of your participants. Talk to a J.P. Farley representative to learn more!